General Information

Daily Class Times

8.55 - 11:00 In Class Learning

11:00 - 11:25 MORNING TEA / PLAY BREAK

11:25 - 12:30 In Class Learning


1:30 - 3:00 In Class Learning

Term Dates

2024 Term Dates:

Term 1: 7th Feb - 12th Apr

Term 2: 29th April - 5th July

Term 3: 22nd July - 27nd Sept

Term 4: 14th Oct   - 20th Dec 


Notify the school daily of any absences directly using our caregiver app. This ensures that it is noted in our student management system for the office and whichever teacher is in the class on the day if I'm not there.

‘MUSAC Edge’ Caregiver App

The caregiver app gives you access to information about your child, such as previous reports and attendance. You can also notify of absences for your child. Get from iOS App Store or Google Play Your login email will be the one this email was sent to. 1st-time users select ‘forgot password’ to setup

If you have trouble with the app, then in the first instance notify the office via email: If you email the teacher, please cc the office also. Alternatively text 0225898577 or phone 4836539 before 9am.

If your child arrives late to school, please report to the office.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders

We have a company that provides a lunch order service [Tuesday].  These are ordered online, and delivered to the school for distribution.  We do not take any orders at the office.

Tuesdays -

Kauri Kids (onsite after school care)

KAURI KIDS KPS Enrolment Form.pdf
PLEASE NOTE: Although this programme is situated onsite , it is provided by a separate business 'Kauri Kids After School Care'.  All enquiries regarding this programme should be directed to Louise at the contact details noted below.


Welcome to Kauri Kids After School Care. We commence the programme with a simple routine – at 3pm the children report to the Hall, the roll is taken and afternoon tea is served. Following a story and a chat, the children them complete some homework (Mondays to Thursdays) for usually 10 minutes. A choice of arts and crafts, games, sports or free play is offered to the children.

Fees are $20 for one child, $35 for two and $50 for three children per day. Accounts are to be paid weekly or fortnightly via cash or internet banking ASB 123035 0628803 00. Kauri Kids’ hours are 3pm until 5.30pm. A late fee of $5.00 per five minutes will apply. For continually late pickups, a review of attendance may apply.

To cancel or change your child’s booked day, please contact Louise on 0210766127 before 12pm sharp. Calls or texts received after 12pm are deemed late and the usual fee will apply. Please advise your child’s teacher that they are attending KK – this may help in case your child forgets. Please ask your child to always come to KK if they’re ever unsure, we can always advise your child where they’re supposed to be.

Should your child bring personal effects to KK, we cannot assume any responsibility for these.

Poor behaviour, dangerous activities, disrespect and bad language will not be tolerated. We have a time-out system for minor disputes and you will be notified of any serious misbehaviour. For continuing misbehaviour that threatens the harmony, safety and happiness of Kauri Kids, your child will be asked to leave. Kauri Kids is a privilege to attend, not a right.

Please let a KK staff member know when you’ve uplifted your child. Please call or text should you be late; and if another person will be uplifting your child. You may also advise if your child is to walk home and you may text/call us to organise a speedy pick up from the flagpole/office area.

We strive to provide a safe, dependable, happy and relaxed environment for your child – and peace of mind for you. Please approach Louise at any time should you have any queries or call on 0210766127.