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Because of limited space in the hall, due to construction, assemblies this term are held outside under the large cover, and are therefore weather dependent.

Thanks for your understanding regarding the uncertainty of whether a full assembly will take place each fortnight this term.

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Notices for Week Commencing 10th June

Whole School & Room 6 Assembly this Friday.

Yummy sticker promotion back on. Please bring in Yummy apple stickers to school during Terms 2 & 3. The more we collect, the more money we will receive to buy sports equipment.

Hockey opportunity. We recently had a hockey 'taster' day at school. Your child would have received a notice with information about how they can get involved in hockey this term. For more information and to register for the lunchtime training programme you can visit the FFC Academy website

Trustee Elections Update: We had three nominations for the three vacancies and therefore do not require an election. The following parents will join the Board-Shelly Joyes, Glen Maria & Karl Laurence-Anderson. Yvette Ashby remains as the staff trustee.

Thank you to those new members for offering their expertise and we look forward to welcoming them to the Board of Trustees.

Kauri Park School 50th Jubilee Celebrations

Kauri Park School opened in 1969 with a Head Teacher, 4 teachers and 58 students.

To help celebrate this milestone the school will be holding a 50-year Golden Jubilee celebration family fun day on Saturday 19th October for all past and present families and staff associated with the school. It is anticipated that during the event memories will be shared, there will be performances from current and former students as well as the chance to view a special commemorative jubilee gallery. To that end we would like to hear from you about your experiences as a student, teacher, parent or any other way that you were, or are associated with the school.

To ensure that we can communicate directly with you please register your intention to attend the family day by following this link and provide requested information. We intend sending out regular communications through the year as we prepare for that day:


Alternatively email 50th@kauripark.school.nz and provide your name and best contact details.

Good things going on at school:

  • Radio Group: As part of the renovations, we have now run speaker cable to various locations around the Radio suite including Rooms 1-3. This will now allow us to install soffit speakers and stream our radio station outside all day. This will both raise the profile and give a wider audience to what is a great facility. Whilst there are not too many opportunities to be involved during the actual presenting side, a lot of other spin offs occur including many students being interviewed or reading examples of their classroom learning
  • Video and film Group: During Term Two Mr.Ashcroft is working with students where the intended final outcome is a selection of movie entries for the annual KPAT Short Shorts film competition. The first five weeks is an intensive focus on detailed story writing, and then creating a storyboard for filming. The second half of term is when students will film and edit their movies. This year’s theme is “Our Dreams” and must feature the word ‘Kaipātiki somewhere in the movie. We have six different story ideas and 17 students working on the writing. Those who make the storyboard deadline by end of Week Five will then work with a film-making team to produce their own movie. We had a winning team in this competition last year with the movie “The day we stopped bullying”, and the theme was “Our future”. With the prize money we bought some lighting equipment and a portable green-screen backdrop, which some of the students hope to use in their film-making this year
  • Show Quest Group: Mrs. Durling is working with 46 students and they perform on the evening of June 6th. The majority of students are in the senior area of the school but also includes several talented year 4 students. Show Quest is a dance performance event. It includes partner dancing, jazz tap, swing & ballroom and is set during the late 1940s. There are a wide of costumes which were also made specially for this event
  • APPA Choir: Mr. Christie has our 2019 choir up and running in preparation for the event later in the year. We are also supporting Birkdale Intermediate School by having combined practice at our school
  • Bands: We have had a good response to forming our new band. We now have a wider pool of talent and auditioned enough students to form two bands. To enable this to happen we have separated them into two separate groups-year 5 & 6. The year 6 band are all competent musicians and have had their first two practices with Mrs. Keating & Mr. Taylor. This band contains students who were involved in a minor way last year. The year 5 students were not quite as confident during the audition so they will work with one of the Music Education Centre teachers as a band so that he can individualize their tuition. This will happen during an afternoon in the week. We anticipate that these students will be performing publicly by the end of term 3
  • Design & build group (chicken coop): This is an all-female group working with Mr. Taylor. Part of the reason for only having girls was to give them some exposure to design & construction, which is traditionally a male dominated industry. We have been working during the lunch time break and a few other afternoon slots forming a run and modifying the shade house. We are trying to use only recycled materials and repurposing building products
  • Garden to Table: The middle syndicate are fully involved with this as part of their school curriculum which is proving really popular. However, we also have a large group of students who work with one of our grandparents each Wednesday lunchtime doing the same programme. This means that our kitchen facilities are getting much more use and our students experiencing a much broader curriculum

Syndicate Reorganisation

As you are aware our roll has increased substantially over the last few years. As a result we are reorganising our junior syndicate structure to help with efficiency. It will no longer be a single entity; instead operating as two teams From this term Ms. Clow assumes a Team Leader position for rooms 11, 12 & 13 (Years 1/2) and Mrs. Potter retains the New Entrant team Leader position for rooms 9, 14 & 15 and later Room 10. Each of those Team Leaders will now communicate separately with you as we move through the year to keep you informed of events, trips and other activities that you need to know about. Ms. Clow & Mrs. Potter are your next point of contact for the rooms mentioned.

Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures

Each term we practice our evacuation and lockdown procedures. Despite managing them carefully it can still be quite scary for some of our students so please explain the reason behind these if they ask.

If you are a visitor to school and hear a continuing ringing bell or other alarm, please make your way to the lower courts. If you hear four bells, this is the signal that the school is going into lockdown. In this instance you should make your way to the nearest building and await further instructions.

As a result of the recent events in Christchurch we are reviewing and trialling lockdown procedures and will advise you of any changes in the very near future.

Options Programme

Every second year we run our Options Programme. This occurs each Friday between 9 & 11am for a period of four weeks. We try to provide a range of different options which our students can choose to opt into and have additional voluntary support from parents or other family members so that we can make smaller groups. In the past these have included:

· Bush Craft

· Outdoor Mural Painting

· Boot Camp

· Photography

· Baking & Cooking

· Science Experiments

· Stitch & Knits

· Computer coding (Scratch)

We plan to run this from Friday 9th August for our year 3 to 6 students. Please watch out for further information later this term.

School Values

As part of our annual review process we have been looking at a way of streamlining our school values. Part of the reasoning is that we have nine values and our students struggle to remember them. We are trialling the following:

K Kindness

P Perseverance

S Service (new overarching value)

The other values are incorporated within these three key values.

We will work with our students to align all of the existing values under those three and also discuss with them what the construct of Service actually means as well as what it looks like.

Lateness Audit - general letter to school community.pdf
Appropriate communication channels and practices.pdf

Important information about out of zone enrolments: As a result of the continuing high number of in zone enrolments, we cannot accept any new out of zone applications that do not meet the priorities listed below. The main reason for this is that in terms of teaching space our school is beyond capacity. Whilst the Ministry of Education are working with us on a long term solution, the reality is that significant construction is required to remedy the problem. The planning for this has not yet begun so we are probably at least two years away from returning to a sense of normality.

We apologize for not being able to accommodate your child at our school, however all of the schools in our area serve their students extremely well.

Applications for out of zone enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority:

First Priority This priority is not applicable as the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary for Education

Second Priority will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students

Third Priority will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students

Fourth Priority will be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school

Fifth Priority will be given to applicants who are children of board employees

Sixth Priority will be given to all other applicants

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth or fifth priority groups than there are places available, selection within the priority group will be by a ballot conducted in accordance with the instructions by the Secretary under Section 11G(1) of the Education Act 1989. Parents will be informed of the date of any ballot by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.

Online Banking

Make payments to:

KPS Board of Trustees


Please include purpose of payment and student name for any online transaction.

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You can text absentee messages to +64 22 589 8577 or use the school app to do the same

Please include student name, room number, and reason.

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