In Zone

If you live within our school zone you are able to attend our school. Please click here for more information of how to pre enrol your child.


If you live outside of our school zone, please click here for more information.

Kauri Park School School Zone

School enrolment zones give children who live in the school area (the zone) a guarantee that they can go to their local school and stop schools from getting overcrowded,  please consult the map below to see if your reside within our school zone.

Kauri Park School zone

The school zone includes all homes on Rangatira Road or streets running off Rangatira Road from No.1-256

Homes in Stott Avenue, Seon Place, and Gatman Street are also included.

All in-zone roads include; Anchor Place, Brigantine Drive, Eucalyptus Place, Gatman Street, Gemini Place, Hadfield Street, Island Bay Road, Jacaranda Avenue, Kia Ora Road, Lysander Crescent, Mariners View Road, Mayall Avenue, McGlashen Place, Mirage Place, Moller Street, Monte Casino Place, Odin Place, Patariki Way, Pluto Place, Poaka Place, Rangatira Road (No. 1-No. 256), Rosecamp Road, Seahorse Place, Sea Vista Ave, Seon Place, Stott Avenue, Teal Crescent, Taurus Crescent, Valhalla Drive, Valkyria Place.