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Monday 19th March Notices & Future Events:

It's End of Summertime Festival Week!!

Tuesday 20th March: Class Photos

Wednesday 21st March Cricket Tournament at Birkenhead Cricket club

Friday 23rd March Whole School assembly at the earlier time of 10am

Sausage Sizzle: 6th April

End of Summertime Festival: Coming to the End of Summertime Festival? Avoid the queues and pre-order your tokens for the End of the Summertime Festival by following the link below:


National Standards

As a result of the election and a change of government, there has been a lot of discussion, particularly in the media about the scrapping of National Standards. Whilst we now know that this is going to be the case, schools have not yet had comprehensive advice on how this will happen, or what if anything in terms of assessment will replace them. We anticipate that this will be a priority for the new Minister of Education and that we will be advised of developments as they come to hand. In the meantime the only change that we will make is to return to an annual reporting process that includes two written reports—mid year and end of year. Anniversary reporting was proving to be extremely confusing for parents.

Enviro Schools News

Reducing Litter

We have added an additional facility to help with litter reduction. The next time that you are passing the new relocatable classrooms you will notice that we have positioned a soft plastic packaging recycle bin adjacent to the toilet block. This facility is available for family use, so if you are separating your soft plastics from general waste, you can deposit them here. The bin takes a range of packaging including bags and wraps-if you can squash it in your hand it’s probably recyclable.

Travelwise-Walking School Bus volunteers needed! If any body is able to help out with a walking school bus route then please contact Hayley Davies hayley.davies@kauripark.school.nz. At present we have had an Island Bay Road and two on Rangatira from opposite ends. Unfortunately some of the helpers are no longer able to run them and so we urgently need to recruit more. If you can only do one day a week, that is fine. Also for those existing WSB adults please could you contact me to let me know which days you are still able to do.

2018 Term Dates:

Term 1: 7th Feb -13th Apr

Term 2: 30th Apr -6th July

Term 3: 23rd Jul-28th Sept

Term 4: 15th Oct-20th Dec

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