Mrs Kelly's Lockdown Challenge

'Lockdown Appreciation' Challenge

This challenge is to share the things that the students have learnt to appreciate during lockdown, and the things they are looking forward to when we get out. The students are allowed to share this in any format they wish, for example, video, written, picture, poster, powerpoint presentation etc.

kim kelly challenge.
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'Spread The Love' Challenge

Spread compassion, kindness, strength, hope, resilience, emotional support, love, joy, happiness and much, much more by taking part in my next challenge. Let’s spread messages to our community that help uplift and carry each other through this lockdown, which let’s face it, is getting tough for many.

Get creative and decorate your fence, driveway, windows, trees, (with parental permission of course), and let’s spread our aroha out to our community!

'The KPS Values Video Challenge'

Click on the video below to see Mrs Kelly's latest challenge 'The KPS Values Video Challenge'.

Send your video's to Mrs Kelly at . Videos will be uploaded onto this temporary page for everyone to enjoy. If however you would prefer to keep the video between just yourself and Mrs Kelly, let her know when you send it to her.


Kohane's Video

Kohane made her Mum smile and us all extremely proud of her when she displayed the value of Ū Kaha by cleaning out the fridge and freezer. Ka pai mai hoki!

Jack's Video

Jack putting in the mahi to help his Dad with the dishes. Tino pai on living the value of Ū Kaha at home Jack.

Benji's Video

Benji showed real manawanui (perseverance) when lining dominoes up on the carpet to make this awesome track. Wananei! (Wicked!)


Charlie's Video

Charlie has really missed not being able to get to the pool for her swimming training, but that hasn't stopped her from finding alternate ways to practice! Ka rawe Charlie!

Harriet's Video

Harriet and her 'little friend' did their act of service cleaning her room. Ka mau te wehi! Let me know when you and your little friend are free to do some more service ; )

Harriet Room

Kasya's Video

Kasya is a whizz in the kitchen as she demonstrates Ū Kaha for her whānau in the most scrumptious way. He ātaahua hoki Kasya!

Genta's Video

Genta teaches us all a valuable lesson here while displaying the ultimate manawanui himself while nailing a new trick shot. Tō kerewa hoki (you are clever)!


Sophia's Video

Sophia shows atawhai to her Mum and Dad by making their bed and does a fantastic job too! He ātaahua koe (you are beautiful)!

Saul's Video

Saul's cat obviously has a lot of aroha for him and I'm not surprised why! Here's a video of Saul showing atawhai by feeding him. He tino atawhai koe, you are very kind!

My Movie 1-360p30.mp4

Ruby and Georgia's Video

Ruby and Georgia didn't stop at demonstrating just one value, here they show them all! These talented children also shot and edited the entire video all by themselves. Kei runga noa atu kōrua!

Ryan's Video

Ryan shows atawhai in his video by sharing kai with the hungry birds. Just like him, they get hungry! He nui to ngakau, you have a big heart!


Victor's Video

Victor knows the best way to show kindness to his Dad. Watch him display atawhai as he masterfully creates the ultimate morning coffee! Me he tē, (like a boss!)

Wilkinson's Video

Wilkinson shows lots of manawanui learning his new found skill in his video and proves what a hard worker he is! Tēnā koe e te ihu oneone!


Jayden and Mitchell's Video

Here's a video with a different Will Jayden's trust in his brother and Dad end in a fabulous surprise? Watch on to find out! Hangareka ana (what a crack up!)

Lucas and Sophia's Video

Not only did Lucas and Sophia show manawanui in learning this dance, but they also demonstrated amazing cooperation and choreography skills! Tau kē!
Blake’s Lockdown Values

Blake's Video

Even during a global pandemic Blake shows us how to display the KPS values while keeping up his passion. Kia manawanui!

Flynn's Video

Flynn works incredibly hard in this video to show the value of ū Kaha to his whānau. no wonder you were so ngenge (tired)! Mahi pai!

Flynns Movie -

Hazel and Zeke's Video

Hazel and Zeke worked extremely hard together and showed perseverance when creating this track for their marbles. Kia pai mai hoki!

'The KPS Baby Staff Challenge'- Now Finished, see answers below

Look at the PDF below to find some very adorable staff members in their slightly younger years for you to work out. I call this the KPS Baby Staff Challenge! Have a look and see if you can work out all 26 photos and match them to the correct number/staff member. The click on this Challenge Answer Form to fill out the answers. (You just need to write the number of the staff member, not the name.)

Staff Baby Photo Challenge.pdf
Baby answers.pdf