Ū Kaha [Yr 5/6]

Week 7 Learning Board

We hope this current lockdown is going as well as possible for you and your family. We will release a new learning board each day. If you can share work your teachers would love to see the results of any hardwork. Also check out the resource section of the website for other learning activites. We hope to see you all back at school very soon.

Google Classroom

Remember that the password will start with a capital letter and will end with 3 numbers.

For example:

User Name: john.smith@kauripark.school.nz

Password: Pencil123

From here, Google Classroom is found in their bookmarks or by following the 9 dots in the top right of their screen. They should not require a specific code as they will have been invited by their teacher.

Some tasks on the classroom will be designed for a week and some just for a day.



Continue to read a novel at your level. Think about all your Sharp Reading strategies. “I think that means...”, “I know that because…”, “I have a picture in my head…”

Narrative Writing:

1) Use the 'Mix and Match Narrative Sheet' (attached) to create a make believe story. Make sure to choose one component from each group of words and then write your amazing narrative.

For example:

- choose one word from Place, Time, Identity, Physical, Personality, Plot.

2) Use building blocks, lego or other construction materials to create a city you can use to inspire a creative story.

3) Visit the www.Pobble365.com website. Here you will find a year's worth of inspirational photos to write about.



Our school website resources section has a list of math games using dice and cards. This is a great fun way of practising number knowledge and doesn't require Internet access once you have read the rules (or printed the booklet).

We also have maths practice sheets students can use if they know what level they are working at.

For extra learning opportunities, TVNZ Ondemand also has a full range of episodes available from their 'Home Learning TV' programming.

Keep safe and take care,

U Kaha Teachers