Other Programmes

Kauri Park School provides quality education for students in all curriculum areas. We also provide a variety of programmes including:

  • Children with Special Needs

  • The Arts

  • Media (Radio & Film)

  • Choir

  • Production

  • Education Outside the Classroom

  • Enviroschools

  • Gifted and Talented Programmes & Extension Programmes

  • Kapa Haka Performing

  • Maori Language

  • Reading Recovery

  • Sport

  • Visual Arts

Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs are catered for within their classroom programmes as well identified children are catered for on the Reading Recovery Programme, withdrawal groups for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Performing & Visual Arts

Dance & Drama: Children at Kauri Park School have the opportunity to be involved in dance and drama programmes within their classroom programme and syndicate. We also provide opportunities for children to be involved in a variety of dance groups including Pasifika, hip hop and contemporary dance at lunchtime or during our gifted and talented programme.

Musical instruments: For children who are interested in learning an instrument, the Music Education Centre run private lessons here at Kauri Park School. For more information 0800 89 3939.

Visual arts: Visual art is very strong at Kauri Park School. This is evident in all classrooms and throughout the school environment. We have entered and been successful in a number of art competitions.

Media (Radio & Film)

We have a school radio station which provides a platform for students to showcase their work and talent through the medium of audio production. We also produce movies, often as entries in film competitions, many of which have succeeded in being winning films or gaining special recognition.


Choirs are run in syndicate groups and all children are welcome to join. Information regarding practice times will be dependent on when performances are coming up.


Production is held bi annually with each syndicate presenting a performance that includes as many of the children in that syndicate as possible. The main aim of the school production is to ensure all children have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a musical performance. Production performances are usually presented late in term three. This is an important part of our performing arts programme and it is a chance for children with these talents to shine. School productions will be in 2018 and 2020 however other performances continue throughout the year.

Education Outside the Classroom

Each year our Year 6 children go on an overnight camp for 4 days and 3 nights. It is an experience the children never forget. During the same week year 3-5 children participate in a variety of outdoor activities which may include an overnight stay.


At Kauri Park School we are committed to being an Enviroschool. Enviroschools is a whole school approach to environmental education with the aim of creating a sustainable school environment. Students plan, design and create sustainable projects that benefit the school and wider community. Auckland Council’s Environmental Education Strategy recognises that environmental education plays a key role in achieving the city’s strategic goals. The Enviroschools Programme is one initiative that is implemented as part of this Strategy.

Gifted and Talented Programmes & Extension Programmes

Children who show special abilities in certain curriculum areas will be identified and where possible, catered for in the school programmes, or with additional extension activities. Special abilities programmes are run in a number of areas including, Written Language, Mathematics, Science, Visual Arts, Leadership, Philosophy, Dance and Drama.

Kapa Haka Performing

We have a Kapa Haka Group involving children from New Entrants through to Year 6. The group performs at school events and each year in the Onepoto Cultural Festival.

Maori Language

During the year the classroom teacher will provide opportunities to practice Te Reo Maori and to introduce new language and concepts.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early intervention programme designed to provide intensive individual help for children having difficulty in reading and writing after one year at school. At Kauri Park School 6 year old children who are the lowest readers and writers are chosen for the programme when a place becomes available. The children have 30 minutes daily individual teaching until they reach the average levels of achievement for their class. This usually takes between 12 and 20 weeks.


We run a Summer and Winter Sport Programme. Teachers cover several special sports in their PE programmes. Summer sport includes athletics, miniball, Kiwi tennis, Kiwi softball and Kiwi cricket. Winter sport includes hockey, netball, touch rugby and soccer. School teams and individuals train and compete in sporting activities both during weekday and weekend competitions as well as at Birkenhead, Birkdale and Beach Haven Cluster Field Days. School Sports events are dependent on participation numbers however in the past they have included Swimming, Cross Country, Miniball and Athletics. Inter School Sports days, which number approximately 4 per year are an opportunity for children to mix and play sport with children from other schools.

The Swimming Programme is run in Terms 1 and 4 of each year depending on the weather. Classes swim up to four times a week during the swimming season.