onsite After school care

KAURI KIDS KPS Enrolment Form.pdf
PLEASE NOTE: Although this programme is situated onsite , it is provided by a separate business 'Kauri Kids After School Care'. All enquiries regarding this programme should be directed to Louise at the contact details noted below.


Welcome to Kauri Kids After School Care. We commence the programme with a simple routine – at 3pm, the children report to the Hall where the roll is taken and afternoon tea is served. Following a story and chat, the children then complete some form of their homework for 10-15 minutes, Monday to Thursday (Friday being a “homework holiday”). A choice of arts and crafts, games, sports, or free play is then extended to the children.

Fees are $20 for one child, $35 for two children and $50 for three children per day. Accounts are to be paid weekly or fortnightly, via cash, or ASB 123035 0628803 00. Kauri Kids hours are 3pm to 5.45pm. A late fee of $5.00 per every ten minutes will apply. For continually late pickups, a review of the child’s attendance may be necessary.

To cancel or change your child’s booked day, please contact Louise before 12.00pm sharp on that day. Failure to do so will result in the normal fee being charged for your child’s non-attendance. Please do not expect Kauri Park School staff to pass messages to Kauri Kids After School Care – we are a completely separate business and KPS staff do not always know who is attending Kauri Kids.

Should your child bring personal effects to Kauri Kids, we cannot assume any responsibility for these.

Poor behaviour, dangerous activities, disrespect and bad language will not be tolerated. We have a time-out system for minor disputes and you will be notified of any serious misbehaviour. For continuing misbehaviour that threatens the harmony, safety and happiness of Kauri Kids, the child will be asked to leave. Kauri Kids is a privilege to attend, not a right.

Please let a Kauri Kids staff member know when you have uplifted your child. If you are going to be late, please call or text. If your child is to be collected by someone other than yourself, please text or call us to advise. If you wish for your child to walk home at a certain time, please let us know. If you are running late and wish to pick up your child promptly from outside the office, please call or text and we will have your child ready and waiting.

We strive to provide a safe, dependable, happy and relaxed environment for your child – and peace of mind for you. Please approach Louise at any time should you have any queries, or feel free to call on 483 4011 or 021 0766127.