Manawanui [Yr 3/4]

Below is a list of learning activities aligned with our classroom learning that you could do with your child if you would like to.


Read for at least 20 minutes a day, a book of your choice for enjoyment.

Choose your own activity from World of David Walliams

Design your own monster from the Monsterpedia found by Mr and Mrs Meek.


Number Knowledge

Make 10


Greatest number to 100


Statistics -Probability

(Have fun drawing your own game board instead of printing it out)

That's not fair #1


That's not fair #3



Fing writing

Write an alphabet of the things you have (or would love to have) like Myrtle’s list.

Special Object Writing

  • Find a special object that you have at home.

  • Think about the following or talk with an adult or sibling first ...

What is the object - describe it in detail (looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like).

How did it end up with you or your family?

Who gave it to you?

How old is this object?

Where did you get or find this object?

What room or place in your house does it live?

Why is this object important to you?

  • Now try and write all about these thoughts using full sentences, capitals and full stops.

  • Please keep your writing safe to share with your teacher.

✰✰ Fast Finishers: Draw your special object in pencil looking very closely at it. Shade it from dark to light and add all details.

Other resources

For extra learning opportunities, TVNZ Ondemand also has a full range of episodes available from their 'Home Learning TV' programming.

Keep safe and take care,

Manawanui Teachers