Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the legal body governing the school. The Board consists of elected members including two teaching staff - The Principal is automatically a member of the Board and the school staff elect a colleague to become the Staff Trustee. The collaborative function of all board members is to ensure the best outcomes for its community.

The Board currently meets twice a term at 7.00 pm in the school Staffroom. The Board writes school policies as the elected representatives of the parents, administers the school in accordance with the charter, administers the Government grant given each year, prepares annual budgets and maintains accounts. The Board employs staff and maintains school property.

Meeting dates can be found on the school calendar


School Donations

Following the budget of 2019, Boards of decile 1—7 schools have been provided the option of accepting a per student amount of funding instead of requesting voluntary donations from its community. There are some exceptions—the most notable being school camps and small costs associated with some of our sports or choir outings.

Because our school is a decile 7 the board has reviewed the financial implications of opting into this scheme. The school’s current financial position indicates that our school would benefit positively if we opt in and remove voluntary donations from 2020.

Schools that opt in to the scheme will receive their donations payment as part of their January 2020 operational funding instalment. The donations payment will be calculated based on the July 2019 roll.

Please follow the link below which explains the scheme in more detail:

Strategic Planning:

Broadly speaking the three goals within our Charter provide the framework for us to plan ahead; these are:

Goal 1: Enabling each student to achieve their full potential by providing learning programmes that allow for the development of the whole child (teaching & learning)

Goal 2: Providing a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment (physical, social & emotional development)

Goal 3: Developing meaningful and effective relationships with our community (developing a unique School Culture)

An online survey was conducted to to gather community responses to help inform decision-making.

Board Members

Terry Taylor [Principal]

Shelly Joyes [Board Chair]

Yvette Ashby [Staff Trustee]

Matt Dalton [Board Member]

Karl Laurence-Anderson [Board Member]

Glen Maria [Board Member]

Sam Pasley [Board Member]

Janine Tuffin [Board Member]


Each state and integrated school Board of Trustees must have an approved charter which includes the National Education Guidelines, and the National Administrative Guidelines. These goals can be found in the charter.

Mission Statement

Learn well to live well

Vision Statement

Kauri Park School seeks to encourage all students to develop as responsible self-assured individuals who are information literate and confident communicators.

The goals of our charter are expressed as follows: Providing quality education through...

School Goals

  1. Enabling each student to achieve personal standards of excellence by providing learning programmes that allow for the development of the whole child

  2. Providing a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment

  3. Developing meaningful and effective relationships with our community

School Values

At Kauri Park School students will be encouraged to value:

Kindness & consideration



While learning about each of these value, students will consider each of these in relation to: Self, Others & Environment.

A full copy of the school charter is available within the Public Documents Section below

Public Documents

Appropriate communication channels and practices.pdf
2.3 Complaints Procedure.pdf