Weekly/daily notices:

Week 10

Assembly will be on Wednesday this week.

The relocatable buildings are due to be resited into the staff car park in the holidays. In order for that to happen and to make best use of the limited time available, contractors will be onsite from Monday to begin preparatory works.

This means that our staff carpark will be out of use from now on. Staff will park in a variety of locations including the driveway carpark, which may impact on day to day operations. The short term carpark adjacent to the office will be used by staff from Monday. Therefore, if you need to visit school and leave your car, use the driveway or swimming pool carpark.

However well we try to conduct these works it is going to be disruptive to our normal operations. Therefore, I suggest that you avoid unnecessary trips to school during our peak pick up and drop off times. We would really appreciate your support and understanding over the next few months.

Radio KPS is now broadcasting.

Our school radio station is up and running.  As well as playing a mixture of new and popular music it provides an authentic audience for students’ work - their friends, family, and wider community!

We are finalising some technical aspects to keep it running 24/7 but you can generally stream online at radiokps.nz or listen within our local area on 106.9fm

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